How Trademark Can Help Strengthen Your Brand Identity

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Secure Your Trademark is an online company, which allows companies to protect their trademark. If you are a new company who is looking create a name, logo, or even a slogan then it is smart to secure your trademark. When thinking of a name, slogan, or even logo for a company, it is important to make sure that the name is not being used by someone else. Secure Your Trademark is an online company that individuals can register for. This online company will not only protect your trademark, along with copyright it, they will also search their database to make sure that no one else is using that logo.

This online company is run by Xavier Morales who made his own trademark law practice in the year of 2007. Mr. Morales online company offers his clients expertise to business individuals, along with entrepreneurs. When starting out a company, an individual does not want to think they made a name for their company, and then come to find that someone else is already using that name. This is why it would be wise of them to come into contact with Xavier Morales for a free consultation with an attorney to make sure that the name for their company is new and safe.

Xavier Morales Company offers clients; data base search throughout the internet, trademark application with an attorney, monitoring trademark, law search for database, along with protecting an individual’s trademark and making it copyright, this way no individual is able to take another logo or name that is already in use.
When an individual is to trademark their brand identity, this makes the company’s name and logo safe. Meaning no one else can steal it under them and use it for their company. When starting a new company it is important to make your logo legal to only your company. Once a company makes a name for itself an individual does not want another company to steal that name and become popular off of your own hard work, it is important to trademark your companies name.

When a company’s name is trademarked then this allows a company to brand their company. A company’s brand will allow customers to identify that organization when they are looking for certain products. A logo will distinguish a company and make that company unique and stand out. When a company is able to stand out, it attracts customers, who will become loyal. This is why it is important to trademark your brand; it will make your company stronger, and create more loyal customers. For more detailed information, click here.

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Know Everything Before Entering Into Your First Mortgage Agreement

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A first mortgage loan for purchasing real estate is for many the most important financial decision they will make. A mortgage may happen once in a lifetime as the buyer will make a commitment to live long in the first house or the mortgage could the first in several such transactions as relocation or financial improvement leads to purchasing real estate often in the future. Either way, however, agreeing to the first mortgage loan mean considering several important issues before making a long-term commitment. Always do research before you consider signing anything. Use websites like or consult with a mortgage consultant.

Most importantly for any type of borrowing is getting the best possible interest rate for the life of the loan. As mortgages usually stretch for decades, think of the future of the mortgage and not just the first few payments. Interest can be fixed, adjustable or even arranged for very low payments initially but increased substantially after a period of a few years (a “balloon” mortgage.) Take the time to calculate the total costs for the length of the loan and budget appropriately for both the first payments and the length of the loan.

Mortgages also come with various fees and penalties depending on the borrower’s performance with maintaining the loan payments. Evaluate these carefully. They can lead to significant costs over the life of the mortgage. Be especially sure to determine if any specific number of late payments can affect the loan interest rate. Remember: principal and interest not paid means the remaining balance increases at an amount greater than the original balance anticipated at closing. This means late payments can mean more money owed over the life of the loan and thus the lender may make adjustments to keep the loan payoff in the specified time.

Finally, mortgage loans involve not only the principal and interest paid but also any taxes on the property and maintaining proper insurance (PITI payments.) Before closing, calculate the entire amount payable each month so an adequate amount is budgeted to meet the monthly costs. Also, even if principal and interest balances remain constant over the life of the loan, property tax amounts, possible payable regime fees and home insurance premiums can change dramatically over the course of several decades. When entering into a mortgage loan agreement, consider all the financial issues associated with the loan’s balance and payoff.

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What Successful eCommerce Sites Do Right

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eCommerce is a booming industry right now, and many are doing what they can to develop their own eCommerce business. However, for every successful eCommerce site, there are hundreds that failed. What separates the successes from the failures, and how can you ensure that your eCommerce website will thrive?

1. Specialize your product. Unless you have big bucks, the best way to get into the eCommerce game is to specialize in a specific type of product. This enables you to become an expert on your products, rather than overwhelmed with a large inventory that you know nothing about. It also simplifies things for your consumers, as they will remember you when they need that specific item.

2. Design your website right. The design of your website speaks volumes about your professionalism and reliability. Hire a professional to ensure that your website looks, and acts, exactly like the best retail site out there. A slick design will go far in convincing your clients that you’re trustworthy.

3. Deliver the best customer service. Customers want to be reassured that someone is there to answer their questions and concerns. The best customers are repeat customers, so by keeping people happy you can ensure your future revenue as well. This also helps with word-of-mouth advertising.

4. Invest in a good marketing company. There are many companies today that specialize in online marketing. It’s a good idea to invest in a solid marketing campaign early on. After all, you can’t make sales unless someone knows you’re there.

5. Make the checkout process simple. Many brick-and-mortar retailers have a tendency to treat online stores like an extension of their real store, which is a mistake. Don’t make your clients submit a form, email, or fax their orders. Invest in a good merchant processor that will take orders make it possible for accepting credit cards online.

6. Don’t let them forget you. Once you have a consumer, send them regular mailings about your new products and deals–unless, of course, they opt out. Most of the successful eCommerce sites send out monthly, weekly, or even daily promotional items. Make sure these emails contain something worthwhile to the consumer each time, so they don’t begin blocking it out.

eCommerce can be a great way to start your own business, due to its low overhead and low barrier to entry. However, it’s still not easy. It will take time, dedication, and research to find your way to the top.

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How to Choose the Best GMAT Tutors

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Many college students have taken or will be taking their Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), which is a standardized test that is used by colleges and universities that offer graduate programs. It helps determine whether a student should be admitted into a program or not. For any student that is stressing over their upcoming GMAT test, it may be time to consider getting a private GMAT tutor. There are several things to think about in order to choose the one that will help the most.

Between jobs, families, and school, most people don’t have a lot of extra time to do things they enjoy, let alone squeezing in time to tutor students for upcoming tests. When the time comes to look for a tutor, students should make sure they find someone that has enough free time available. Some people can learn better by studying face-to-face, while others may find communicating online works best for them. Everyone has their own preference, so be sure the tutor is willing and available to help by whichever way works best for the student.
It’s also crucial that the tutor is able to set aside a certain amount of time every day or week to study with the student. The best advice would be to make a chart or calendar before any agreement is made that specifies, in detail, every day and time that is necessary. If the student or tutor can’t commit to the arrangement, it might be time to look elsewhere.
For anyone that is going to be spending quite a bit of one-on-one time with someone else, the arrangement will work out better if they get along. Students should find a tutor that has the same or similar personality as they do. It would not only alleviate extra stress, but the student will be able to concentrate much better compared to working with someone they don’t get along with.
Consider the cost of a tutor. If a student can’t afford an expensive one, they most likely won’t get one of the best. Tutors that have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to GMAT tests usually require a higher fee than ones that have minimal knowledge. Always ask for references, and make sure their experience is equal to the cost. Some tutors may also offer special deals during certain times of the year.
There are numerous math concepts that everyone is supposed to remember. Not all students have a difficult time with the same problems. By hiring a private GMAT tutor, they are able to concentrate on their own weak spots at their own pace. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for them to understand the concept because they can continue working on it until they do.
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Creating an Online Business

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The Internet is one of the best inventions of all time and it has endless uses from networking with others to creating brand exposure and the best one of all – selling online to someone anywhere in the world.  Even in a bad recession, people still go online to browse, compare, review and ultimately buy goods and taking advantage of this channel of selling is a must for any business savvy person.

Now a days with big companies ruling the web, creating a brand new website to selling items on your own might be difficult but these big sites have programs for individuals to start selling.  Sites like Ebay, Amazon and Etsy have a community of individual sellers that make money using the well known platforms and brand name.  Starting you own is easy, just get Ebay loans from Cabbage to start getting your products together to sell.  Ebay and Amazon will do all they can to help you selling items on their site.  It is an incentive for them if you do well because they take a cut from every sale.

Another way to start selling online is by using an ecommerce platform and dashboard to create a full blown ecoommerce site.  This is a little bit harder to do. Regardless of the retail part of the business such as are you going to sell branded items? Your own brand? But what is more time consuming is the actual creation of the website.  Can you program? Do you know HTML? Probably not so hiring someone to get it done right is a must.

Anyway you want to do it, selling online and creating an online business is a great way to make a living or just add supplemental income for fun things to do.

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Why You Should Go Back to School During a Recession

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In our current economic climate, many hardworking individuals are finding themselves out of jobs and out of luck. Market recession affects both families and individuals. Even workers who have not lost their jobs are faced with a higher and higher cost of living, but no wage increases. If you or a loved one is struggling to find stable employment with great employee benefits, it may be the perfect time to go back to school. Whether its finding the right tutoring program or attending a higher education institution, it can help to eventually alleviate your financial struggles and also provide a way forward in the future. It is important to stay relevant in a tough job market, and returning to school can help you do so.

If you have previously considered studying for your MBA—Masters in Business Administration—or another higher ed degree, you may have been put off by the cost of studying in a university. However, cost should not dissuade you. In today’s tough economic climate, many schools offer wonderful financial aid packages. The Federal Government also offers a comprehensive program of grants, assistance for parents who are studying in college and universities, and low-interest and no-interest loans for study. Many students are awarded financial aid to help with their basic costs of living and of attending school. Financial aid is often provided to help with books, housing, and food. If you are struggling to make ends meet, going back to school may make sense financially.

In addition to the financial benefits of returning to school, many adults who choose to go back to college during a recession do so because they are struggling to keep pace with changing technologies in the workplace. Even if you graduated only four or five years ago, you have probably noticed that the technology you use on the job and in your day-to-day life has changed significantly since you were in school. Experienced workers have experience and qualities that businesses want. When you pair a strong record with a higher degree, you become a very valuable asset in the job market. As times get tougher, it is important to be a well-rounded candidate in your chosen industry. A MBA or other higher ed degree helps you to remain relevant in the job market, and provides great skills for advancing in your chosen career.

For some folks, going back to school during a recession provides a great opportunity to make a career change. If you are tired of the industry that you work in, or see limited potential for your own advancement in the future, you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to return to school and make a positive life change. Regardless of what new career path you choose, you will be able to leverage your experience in the work place to help you along your way. Many students who return to school after spending time in the workforce enjoy the opportunity to stretch their minds in new directions and to enjoy a different pace of living. If you are raising a family, going back to school may also allow you to spend more time at home.

Many experienced workers are struggling in today’s economic climate. With the high rate of unemployment and scarce job availability, many intelligent and experienced adults find themselves struggling. Returning to school during tough times provides many benefits. Financial aid may be available to help you not only with the cost of school, but also with your cost of living. New studies help you stay relevant in the ever-changing job market. A higher ed degree can help you gain a promising, secure future. Going back to school in a tough economic climate makes sense, and makes for a brighter tomorrow.


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Ways That Going Green Saves A Ton Of Money

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In the past decade or so, it seems like people have become much more environmentally friendly. Between technology revolving around a “greener” idea, a lot has changed and is going in the right direction.

Going green isn’t great just because we’re helping the environment, going green also helps us keep green in our wallets. Interested in finding out how? Continue reading below.

Replace your light bulbs: Just by replacing your light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs, you can save big bucks on your electric bill. Though they may cost more up front, they may also last five times as long for half the price to run them. Consider changing them for every room instead your home, as well as for every light outside.

Change your driving habits: Take a look at your driving habits and look for ways to improve them. For example, consider driving less, running all your errands in one day, driving the speed limit, checking the air in your tires, getting your oil changes when needed and driving slower and less aggressive. Another idea is to carpool with someone you know. Carpooling cuts your gas bills in half, helps the planet and reduces the wear and tear on your car. All these simple changes really add up to a lot of savings!

Replace your appliances: If you have old appliances and you need to replace them soon, go eco shopping and be sure to check out Energy Star appliances. These types of appliances may also cost a little more up front, but the savings over the next ten years or so that you use them will be able to pay off the difference and more. These appliances use less water, less energy and are great for a tight budget.

Cut your water usage: It isn’t uncommon for someone to take really long showers, run the dishwasher and laundry machine, as well as leave the water on the whole time they brush their teeth. Between all these different times when we use water, we’re wasting several gallons on a daily basis. Consider being a little more conservative when it comes to your water usage. If you’re not using it because you need it, turn it off! Also, if you use a recyclable water bottle instead of buying several individual water bottles, you’re saving not only your money, but also the production of making the water bottles and more plastic from being used.

Buy things used: It helps that you purchase items that are used to save on production costs and keep green. Recycling used items that were used once is dignified as being green since there would be less production for the product. One huge such product is textbooks. When your children go through school, one of the most expensive purchases are textbooks. To help ease this financial burden, there are many avenues to find ways to compare textbook prices over the internet.

Control the temperatures: Consider getting a programmable thermostat. This is probably one of the biggest ways you can cut costs. Let’s say you’re not going to be home all day, but you don’t want to turn off the heat. Instead, you can program your thermostat to stay at 68 degree the whole time you’re at work, yet have it kick on to 73 just before you get home. Having this much control can really help you save on your bills. Another thing you’ll want to do is turn your hot water heater up 2 degrees in the winter and down 2 degrees in the summer.

Cut back on electric: Try cutting back on your electric by turning things off when you’re not using them. For example, unplug your phone charger when it’s done charging and turn off the TV, lights and computer when you’re not using them.

As you can see, there are several different ways to save money by going green. Consider a few of these tips above and become a better person, a more eco-friendly person and a richer person. You don’t have to make drastic differences in your daily lifestyle, but instead several small ones to make a difference.


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U.S. Financial Meltdown: How To Get Your Credit Score Back UP

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There is no question that our nation’s financial crisis has left many Americans struggling to make ends meet. Jobs are scarce, but bills and daily needs are not. Average households are financially overextended, and while late payments and foreclosure rates are at record highs, credit scores are at record lows. If your score is too low you may not be getting the best interest rates and possibly even insurance rates. There are, however, a few things you can do to boost your credit score.

You are entitled to a certain number of free credit reports a year, begin by checking your report for errors. Look for things such as, late payments, charge offs, and other negative remarks that are not yours. This can happen more often than you think. If you happened to have filed bankruptcy you should check that everything included in said bankruptcy does not still show as unpaid. Other negative items that are older than 7 years should have automatically fallen from your report also.

There are two major types of credit. Revolving, such as, credit cards and installment loans, such as, mortgages, personal or auto loans. Paying off or paying down an installment loan is good for your credit but it will not affect it as dramatically or as quickly as paying down revolving credit. Many lenders like to see a good ratio between available credit and the credit you are actually using. In other words, if you have credit card with a $5,000 limit creditors would prefer to see that you are only using 30% or less of available credit. Many advisors will suggest paying off the one with the highest interest rate first. This is a good strategy to save you money, however, if you are looking to improve your credit you should tackle the ones that are closer to their limit.

Older credit tends to look better too, so if you have an old card you haven’t used in a while the issuer may close that account or simply stop reporting updated information. It will still appear on your report but may not be considered as heavily in calculating your score. You could charge a small bill to a rarely used account like this and pay the balance in full.

If you have been a good customer in the past, you might want to contact your lender and request a “goodwill adjustment”. This may have to be made in writing depending on the institution’s policies, but you could possibly get a late payment of delinquency erased. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Beware of common mistakes that are often made to improve credit scores that tend to hurt more than help. Consolidating your accounts, it is generally better to have several small accounts than one large one. Asking to have your limits lowered is also a no-no, this negatively affects that ratio between used and available credit. If you have plenty of credit it’s not really that helpful to apply for more, having to much credit will reflect negatively.

These tips may not take you from a score of 600 to 760 in a month, but they will get you started on the right track.


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How to Save Money During a Recession

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With the economy in shambles, people are always looking for ways to save their money now more than ever. There are numerous ways to get the best out of your dollar and save yourself a lot of money in the process.

One way to truly save everyday during a recession is to make your own food. Why spend your money every single day going to McDonalds or a fancy restaurant spending a lot of money. You could potential save yourself hundreds of dollars every week by just going to the grocery store and catching some sales. Plan out your meals for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. If you’re short on money during the beginning of the year, you could consider filing file a tax extension. Also, if you have the land, you can grow your own foods which save you money on buying fruits and vegetables. If you’re great with planting, definitely take this to your advantage as the cost of foods goes up significantly.

Another way to save money during a recession is to create another avenue of income. There are countless ways you can make money from home such as selling affiliate products online through a cheap webhost. Or creating a blog that allows people to advertise on it for a certain fee. This will help bring you a new set of income that you can save for a rainy day. In this type of economy, it’s always great to have multiple streams of income. The job market is volatile, so it’s good to have some side plans in case things don’t work out for your main source of income.

For vacation purposes, make sure you plan ahead and make your trip shorter. A lot of times we can’t afford the expensive trips overseas or for a long period of time. However, maybe a trip out of a state or to a beach a few hours will help. It’s always good to de-stress and just get away for a few days. Maybe there’s a festival or a cultural event that’s free. It’s always good to plan a time where everyone can go so that you can save up your money ahead of time. It’ll be much more cost effective and enjoyable for your family. Also, you’ll save a lot of money by just driving there and getting some snacks for the road instead of taking a flight. Maybe you might find a nice condo to rent for the weekend that’s much cheaper than some hotel rooms.

Lastly but probably one of the most things to do is to decrease the impulse shopping. There are a lot of ways to save money on purchasing items. Trying to buy a beautiful gift for your wife? Well, there are some great New York & Co Coupons that will save you a lot of money on precious items like jewelry. You don’t have to go to your local jeweler. Sometimes, waiting it out and looking for a better deal will be more satisfactory. Christmas can be a time where you don’t have to spend an arm and leg because you can do the after Christmas sales and extend your holiday into the New Year. is a great place to rack up on Christmas sales with big price reduction in the convenience of your own home. With the online market outweighing retail stores, Cyber Monday deals are also on the top tier list for buying appliances, electronics, and much more. The recession has made a new market for the online shopper as they get more accustomed to saving money in hard times. By having a better budget and better spending habits, you’ll be able to save more in an unstable economy.


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Having Bad Credit in Our Economy

Written by Mark Johnson on April 19, 2011 Categories: Credit

Bad Credit? Turn it Around.

Credit is that six-letter word that makes some of us cringe. Credit can be good or bad. If you have bad credit in today’s economy, likely you feel stuck behind a slow moving truck. Others seem to be taking off and moving forward financially, while you are told “No” and “Denied” at every crossroad. Right now is the perfect time to buy a home. It’s a buyers market, but no one with a sub prime credit score will be doing any buying. Money is tighter than ever in this economy. Lenders are scrutinizing the borrower’s every detail. If you have bad credit, you won’t even make it into the scrutinizing stage.

But there is good news. There is always a second chance to build good credit. Most negative accounts are removed from your credit in 7 years. For bankruptcies and foreclosures, it takes 10 years to clear. Most lenders take your current history into consideration more than your past mistakes. You may have had troubled times 5 years ago, but what patterns have you established in the last 4 years that would warrant a second look from a lender? These proven habits will surely raise your credit if you apply them consistently. If you are a business, you can always use these tips when you look for the best business credit cards.

1. Make payments on-time. Making payments on time is a key factor in raising your credit to good standing. To help establish a pattern, you might look into setting up electronic automatic drafts from your banking account. Set it up once and every month you are sure to be on-time.

2. Work at paying down your debt. The next important key in weighing credit is your percentage of revolving credit debt compared to your earnings. In other words, the lender is looking at your realistic ability to pay. If your credit cards are maxed out, pay them down. If you have remaining home loans to pay off, do not stall on those either. The less debt you hold, the more available credit you will have.

3. Do not have a lot of unnecessary accounts open. If you’ve ever been in a department store and they ask you, “Save 15% to open a credit account with us today?” Unless, you’re making a large purchase and you feel you have the available credit, don’t do it. The less accounts you have open, the better. It’s the same concept as reducing your debt. The less, the better your credit is going to look to potential lenders.

4. Keep older accounts open. The longer you have maintained a revolving account, such as a credit card, the more stable you appear to be. If you have a credit card that has a lot of missed payments or is overdrawn, the first instinct might just be to close the account. It would actually be better for you to take your negative credit item and turn it around. Again, lenders will weigh recent behaviors and patterns against past mistakes. Commitment to paying off your debt will help bring your credit back to good standing.

Having bad credit in this economy can be frustrating. But have faith, bad credit is not permanent. With these easy habits you can build your credit back up and start taking advantage of the opportunities available. Most important, remain committed and consistent to improving your credit. Before you know it, your bad credit will become good and you will be able to maximize the benefits of having good credit.

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